• Python >= 3.5
  • TensorFlow2
    • GPU

      $ pip install tensorflow-gpu==2.0.0 
    • CPU

      $ pip install tensorflow==2.0.0 
  • Pytorch backend is coming soon!

Install FastEstimator

Please choose one:

  • I have no idea what FastEstimator is about:

    $ pip install fastestimator==1.0b2 
  • I want to keep up to date with the latest:

    $ pip install fastestimator-nightly 
  • I'm here to play hardcore mode:

    $ git clone 
    $ pip install -e fastestimator 

Running FastEstimator Container

Docker container creates isolated virtual environment that shares resources with host machine. Docker provides an easy way to set up FastEstimator environment.

$ docker pull fastestimator/fastestimator:1.0b2-gpu# GPU docker image
$ docker pull fastestimator/fastestimator:1.0b2-cpu# CPU docker image

All done!!! To learn more about FastEstimator jump over to Tutorials ...or take a look at the examples